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5 Tips To Live With Dream

In the depth of us have a dream. Have you live with your dream? Living the dream i can undrestand how important it is. It is reason why i wrote this article. The tips that i shared in this one is very simple. They have helped me and so many others. Now it can also help you !

How many times did you ask yourself:  what kind of  life do I want to live? What kind of  job do I want to work? And what kind of person do I want to be? As you asked yourself  these questions. It means that you want to get more than you are having. And they are alarms inside you.

How many times did you procrastination your dream by scared, afraid and doubt yourself. They were negative beliefs that stopped you from your dreams.

There was a small talk inner of your mind. They told you that everything you got in your life, they were not what you really wanted and looked forward. The end you felt tired and you could not stand it and now you want to change your current condition. You want to live with your dreams. You want to get what you really want.

And now these are 5 tips I want to share with you to begin living with your dreams.

Tip # 1 you need to determine what is your dream.

In this tip, you don’t care your dream how size it is. It can be a big or small dream that is not an important matter. But lets notice. Let’s allow yourself to imagine what you want, don’t limit yourself for what you want because you can’t know what you can do what you can achieve.

Tip # 2 Be clear about what do you want.

It means you need to know how will you get your dream, what job will you do and what skill will you need. For example: If you want to become  a speaker so the skill you need is talking in front of people. How is your voice, behavior. If you want to be a millionaire. So how way will you make money by. What field  will you join in. What skill you need. You will not win the game if you don’t know the rules.

Tip # 3 priority the things you need to do

After you make a list what you need to do that you need to prioritize the list. Because there are many things for you  and you can’t do all  at the same time. But there are always tasks if  you do will give more value than other ones. You can do them  first. This is a matter of  time management. You can read “ eat that frog “ book by Brian Tracy. The book has great techniques in time management.

Tip # 4 work hard than others

Currently, if you have a job at your company, and that is not your dream career. In this situation  you can keep your current job if  what you want to do that can’t make money right now. You can do it part – time. And when your dream career begins giving you money you can quit your job at your company and do it full-time.

Don’t waste time on the things not helping you towards your dream. Let’s work hard. In the “ 21 secret of self made millionaire “ Brian Tracy said. The millionaire work very hard working, they work  more than others. If you just work for 40 hours per week it means you just work to live. If you work over 40 hours that mean you work for your future and for your dream.

Tip # 5 be patient and waiting the result

You need to know that will have so many obstacles in the process to your success. You can be failure. If you make mistakes then learn from them. Remember, failure is chance to success. You will not learn anything if you don’t fail. In fact, you also can’t get it immediately, it takes time. So lets be patient step by step, day by day to move you towards your dream.

Conclusion. If you have a dream so let yourself courage to live with your dream. Don’ t procrastinate. Everything you want in the world that is available, and you just step forward. Let’s do it now.