Self Improvement

Why Integrity is the Secret Ingredient

Let’s be honest. How many times happened you to think that the only way to make money was to do something illegal. Then we remember people who have managed to create empires from nothing and we say they are dishonest people who “definitely” have committed something unfair to get where they are. For our parameters is unthinkable to achieve success by following closely a strategy that gives small daily victories. According to our limited parameters, those who succeeded are a phenomenon that have happened in one night, by a stroke of luck that has provided them the opportunity of the moment.
We always forget something very important: integrity.

Integr… what?
What does mean integrity for us?
Personally I find this word interesting in two situations particularly.
The first type of situation is moral: people who get the real success are intact because they don’t distort their ethical values
The second type is operational: it is difficult to see the integrity, intended as a complete set, the actions that led a person to achieve success and we prefer to concentrate on partial observation of what they do after obtaining it.
The two situations described above are not clearly divided and are intertwined with each other to arrive at the real success.

Intact, in every aspect
Integrity is an essential and mandatory quality to achieve true success.
Recall for a moment the definition that we have given for the money: Money is an agreement. If money is an agreement, how we usually behave in the agreements with the people? Are we honest, persons of word, keeping the promises we make or we treat the agreements as a “lip service”? Let’s try to recall slowly in our memories the behaviors that we keep usually, if we are consistent in actions, words and feelings we experience. Remember that the integrity, understood as wholeness, as a complete set, includes all three levels of our existence (physical, mental and spiritual) and affects every area of our lives.

Overnight phenomena
Although it seems a superficial detail, the integrity of our behavior towards the money is indicative of the degree of success we have in that field … and beyond. So the money (agreements) and our reactions to them show our integrity: if we will act ethically and consistently to obtain our goals, we will reach those, even if for some outsider we will seem the usual phenomena that had the fluke and achieved success in one night thanks to some dirty business.